Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Market

We were babysitting our little Tommy on Saturday night , he was as good as gold--we were creased at him making his chair bounce-he knew exactly what he was doing bless him! He went up to bed wide awake and went right off to sleep -no problem! His mummy and daddy were back home at 11pm so we wer enot too late getting to bed-and the extra hour  helped as well!
It was lovely to have Penny next to us--we see her at some of the shows we do and we always have a great laugh with her and her hubby Mark....she has some amazing crystals on her stall---
Our friend Jane went the whole hog and got dressed up as a witch--she looked brilliant!
We had a little visitor in the form of our little Ollie---here he is enjoying a banana off Nanny Di !

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