Sunday, October 21, 2012

Longdon On Tern Demo

I was invited to Longdon On Tern Village Hall to do a demo for the local people on Friday evening.What a beautiful sunset we had on the way there....stunning!

It was a busy evening with a good turn out of people off all ages! I painted The Waterfall first of all on a black canvas before we had a break--there was a beautiful spread of food put on--and the Slimming World diet took a back seat as we tucked into all sorts of goodies and as I wasn't driving I was able to have a couple of glasses of wine---while Bill had an orange juice! We got chatting to a chap who introduced himself as having lived in Ludlow many years ago--turns out he knew Bills brother Derek , my uncle Barry  and his mothers name was Sankey-which was my maiden name so I will be looking to see if we are related along the way!Its certainly a small world!  After the break I got on and painted my signature painting "Summer Day" Everyone was taken  back by how quickly the paintings were done and the amount of detail that can be done so easily, lots of questions were asked about how I do it ...and lots of interest in having a was a great evening-if a bit of a  late one--it was turned 11pm when we got back to Ludlow--and we had an early start the next morning for the Big Red Poppy workshop!  We are off to do another demo tomorrow for the over 60,s Club at Radbrook Green Nr Shrewsbury -this time in the afternoon so should be back in daylight!

Jessie and Graham won the paintings in the raffle..

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