Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big Red Poppy Workshop Oct 20th

What a great workshop we had yesterday doing the Big Red Poppy picture! A completely new technique for everyone using new materials such as texture paste, clingfilm and melted wax alongside the usual acrylic paint..everyone was quite excited about doing this one! Having tryed it out several times at home so that I could judge the drying times etc I was pleased to find I was exactly right on my timings on the day!  You can see Jenny R and Jenny T applying the texture here..

Derek having fun getting the texture correct ..he really excelled himself in this workshop..

busy with the hairdryers here...

I gave students the choice of any colour they wanted in which to create their Poppy...we had some wonderful vibrant colours used besides red.....Teal was popular, purple was used as well and Deb used a beautiful blue...all the colours worked really well...

coming on lovely here

none of the photos are doing the paintings justice--the texture isn't showing up and the beautiful variations in colours are not showing either..

This was the really interesting bit--using the irons to melt the wax to add detail to the centres of the pictures...

the melted wax added texture and colour--the silver wax especially--the difference it made was amazing!
Liz and Derek with their finished paintings
Jenny T, Jenny R and Vikki
Paula, Chris and Christina
Carol and Tina--Tina first time painting--didn't she do well?
Maureen,Deb and Tracey--it was Tracey's first time as well--she made a cracking job!

Pauline and Ali---wow!!!!
Well done everyone! Im reallly looking forward to the next workshop doing this one in Dec--its full with 15 students in it  again!

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