Monday, October 01, 2012

Birch Tree Workshop Sept 29th

The Birches workshop has always been one of my favourites! Ive introduced a new colour- a soft green and cream combination to go with the monochrome and sepia tones we have always done. Nobody did the monochrome version last Saturday--the first time ever!   Deborah chose the new version..
Kaitlin adding some detail..
Kaitlin made this little horse and rider at lunchtime using the silver paper from her chocolate! Very artistic Kaitlin!
Bridgett was painting for the 2nd time...we had lots of laughs with everyone through the day, something had tickled her here good and proper!
Karen and her lovely Mum  Sandra come from a long way away--Mansfield--so they came the day before and stayed at a lovely hotel overnight and made a real treat of their weekend...Karen-bless her--has the same sense of humour as me and we were both creased throughout the day.... she also happened to paint a lovely picture!
Sandra really enjoyed her day---she has the same sense of humour as her daughter--and with all the "harder harder" "faster faster" that goes on during the special effects brush work we do it was wonder that all the class were in hysterics for most of the day!
Ive been teaching art for over 8 years now and I managed to get my sister to come along and do a picture at last! I think she was one of my most nervous students ever..but what a brilliant painting she did!
As I have to leave my painting each stage to supervise the students , mine very often doesn't get finished---my Bill carried on painting for me on Saturday and got each stage finished ready for me to show the next bit...he made a beautiful job of it--thanks Bill x
Dave's painting--he made a grand job-again using the new  green and cream combo...
Lovely work!
well done!
Well done everyone---a couple of camera shy ones---Bills holding up Dave's for him and Karen is hiding behind hers as well!

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