Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art From The Heart Exhibition

My next solo exhibition " Art From The Heart" will be opening on Friday 2nd Nov so I have been really busy getting the paintings ready to show there. There are 9 panels to hang the paintings in so the easiest way of working out what paintings went where was to move the van off the drive and get the tape measures out and mark out the area for each panel!
Ive got a good mix of old and new paintings to show there, oils, acrylics and encaustic wax...
It made life easier to lay them out and get an idea where the paintings would be hung..
then it was time for a close inspection and to touch up any bits of paint that needed it....then they were varnished so they will be dry in plenty of time for Thursday afternoon when we take them to hang..

I'm really pleased with how the new 2ft square poppy paintings look now they have been varnished..
I love the teal colour

Bill had a few paintings to string/varnish etc and Paddy couldn't resist flying from the front room to the kitchen to inspect what he was doing!

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