Tuesday, July 03, 2012


It was lovely to have our friends Marion and Phil round Sunday afternoon for a BBQ..the weather forecast was wrong for a change and the sun was shining! The summer house has been cleared out in preparation for our BBQ for our friends off the market which we will be having soon....and it gave me chance to try out the Pimms  recipe before then too! never tryed it before but we all loved it--one bowl was not enough and the rum punch I made after this went down well too!
Loads of kebabs--yummmmmm
and loads of lovely healthy salads too to counteract the booze LOL
This lovely little munchkin called by with his mummy and daddy too--but he didn't wake up bless him!
Bills Gunneria plant is bigger than ever this year.....its getting a good soaking every other day when Bill does the filter in the fish pond on the upper level of the garden-and its making a huge difference. We had the tea lights burning on the windowsill on the summerhouse and it lit up the backs of the leaves beautifully...
The chimanea was fired up and the heat it throws out is unreal--it was quite a few feet away from the summer house but it warmed us up lovely....nothing like listening to UB40 and watching the flames while having a great laugh with friends! We don't do it often enough! The time went sooo quickly....

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