Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mystical Moon Workshop June 30th

Vals first time with me..
Tracey lives round the corner from us and in fact is our 'paper girl!'  2 nd time painting for her,,no nerves this time!
Pauline was another first timer...
along with Malcom who both had gift vouchers...
Jo was painting her picture as a pressie for her father in law....
Irene has been loads of times now-she has a long way to come so she always books in the Travel Lodge overnight....she is quite an acomplished artist now....
Joanne was back for the 2nd time....lovely colours
my cousin Cheryl was over on a visit from the USA so it was lovely to see her again...
my Aunty Pat joined us as well....
Hazel was along for the first time with Ann....whose photo photo has dissapeared from my camera!!! GRRRR why does that keep happening? Its really annoying--every time I take a lot of photos with my camera some of them just vanish into thin air!!!
Tom was here as a birthday treat with mum Vikki---both had a birthday last Wednesday! Tom was very good--he blended the paint very well and followed my instructions to the letter...he loved the experience and says he has to come back again!
Vikki and Tom hard at work
busy people!
Vikki put in a request to do her painting like one of my other original paintings...I was happy for her to do so-as she has been 5 times before and she has a little more experience and would be able to control the brush enough to get a good tree. These 'bare' trees can be very hard to do well first time. She made a beautiful job of it!
Well done everyone--beautiful Mysical Moons!
Its lovely to see just how different all of the paintings turn out.
No two are the same--all as individual as you are !

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