Monday, July 30, 2012

Birch Tree Workshop July 28th

Alice came along for the first time with her mum Vikki who received her artist brooch for attending 6 workshops.
Vikki used a lovely colour combination-- silver and metallic green on the birch looked quite stunning...
Katherine called by at 11am on the off chance she could join in the workshop! She has been twice before and luckily she was able to catch up with the others while they were drying off their paintings, so all was well.
Cath came along with her hubby Tim and Mum in Law Bev. Tim and Cath wanted to do a diptych they could hang on the wall together...they made a brilliant job of it too!
Tim making a start on his half of the painting!
Bev had a 36in canvas..and had decided to have a cross roads path in her picture--it worked really well.
Jenny was painting for the 5th she gets her brooch next time.She really loved doing this picture!
Dawn has a 200 mile round trip to come and paint with me--and says its worth every minute bless her! She went home with all the leftover paint which was lovely as I hate wasting it at the end of a class...Brilliant painting Dawn!
Ali is mates with Dawn but doesn't have as far to come---Shrewsbury! We were cracked up at times during the class--tears rolling down cheeks!
Kim had a gift voucher and came along with her friend Cynthia--who we had met through the shows we do....first time for them though you would never know it to see their finished paintings!
Cynthia at work...

Tim checking if they had their paths lined up right --don't they look great?
Derek hard at work..He received his gift for attending 6 workshops --he chose a keyring rather than a badge but managed to leave it behind-Will keep it safe til next time!

Bev added this lovely sign post to her painting--at the cross roads--a lovely detail!
Alice and Vikki had to leave early as they were off to see Status Quo and 10CC in concert that evening--lucky things!
Derek also had to leave early-he made a cracking job of his painting....he doesn't let his Parkinson's disease hold him back bless him. Hes always cheerful and we have a good laugh with him-he has a brilliant sense of humour! Hes coming again soon with his wife Liz---looking forward to it very much!
Well Done Everyone!
Love the results!
Well Done !
Beautiful Paintings Girls!

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