Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Yesterday" Workshop July 14th

I was  expecting some phone calls this morning to say people wouldn't be able to make it to the workshop today because of the floods all around Shropshire/Ludlow area. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that everyone made it---with detours and some very deep water to come through--thank you everyone! Rachel and her parents David and Elaine were painting for the first time--Rachel chose to do the brown shades-and she did think it was a bit dark but once the water went in and some metallic shimmer added it made it lighter..turned out very atmospheric!
Elaine was just a bit nervous when she came in this morning...completely normal when trying something new---especially a canvas the size of this one! Its a big one to do first time!
jenny has been quite a few times now and she chose the blues/purples version..she made a great job of her blending, you feel you could step into the water.
We met Barry recently at Shobdon Food And Drink Festival, though he was familiar with my website..he travelled a long way to be with us..and met with floods just outside Ludlow...he created a lovely dramatic painting..
Ive manged to cut Jenny out of the photo--sorry Jenny! What beautiful colours  Jenny the cerise pink.Jenny's paintings always take on a fantasy feel and today was no exception! The holographic stars and flowers at the end worked a treat but didn't show up on the photos..
Derek travelled a long way to be with us again---and I'm pretty sure he should have received his artist badge today---never mind he can have it in 2 weeks when he comes to do the Birches workshop..Derek has Parkinson's  bless him and he does well to stand as long as he does to paint, sitting just for the last bit...he did a cracking picture--his tree added at the end had loads of character----
Shane was painting with me for the first time..he chose the bright bold oranges and reds and made a lovely job of his blending after being shown  as simple trick ;-)   he had to come over Clee Hill as well where the floods were really bad. Shane was going to have a go at the painting again tomorrow so he took home the palette of paint he had left over, as did several of the others--I l always put ample paint in the palettes so there is always some left at the end of class--I would much rather students took it home with them than to throw it away....a bit of clingfilm over the top after a spray of water and it will keep til tomorrow easily...
David was pretty convinced  he wouldn't be able to paint a picture--he surprised himself and achieved a brilliant painting ...we were all creased with laughter all day--the banter was just bouncing off  everyone all day--it really was a fun class!   When the paintings are varnished it will bring out the colours beautifully and protect them too,,,,I had sold out of varnish last week and forgot to order some more so David and family were calling at the Range for some on the way home..I must remember to order some this week...
Derek had to leave before the final photos were taken--I'm looking forward to seeing him again in 2 weeks for the Birches workshop..
Well Done everyone--cracking pictures!
all the paintings turn out as individual as the people who paint them are.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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