Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well Chuffed!

Two weeks ago me and my daughter Becki joined  Slimming World....Ive piled on the lb's since being on steroids for polymyalgia rhumatica  since last July and of course Becki  had little Tommy 9 weeks ago.After meeting Yvonne and hearing all about the eating plan we were amazed to hear just how much food we could eat...above is a normal lunch or dinner.....loads of chicken, salad and a jacket spud with 2 laughing cow triangles ...
every day we have pudding --at least once a day-sometimes twice....normally we wouldn't  have low sugar strawberry mousse and my orange jelly with orange segments -served with 0% fast Greek yogurt are enough to satisfy the sweetest of tooth!
In between all that we are munching fresh pineapple and melon--I wrap ham around the chunks of melon--its one of my favourite snacks..
and today when we went to the meeting I found I had lost another 3lb-which added to last weeks loss of 4lb made a loss of 7lb--half a stone and made me slimmer of the week!  Becki wasn't far behind at 5  1/2lb. Bill has been following the plan as well and has been able to cut back the amount of insulin he injects from 60 down to 46 in 2 weeks which is brilliant!  Looking forward to losing loads of weight with Yvonne's help...

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