Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Some Highlights Of Our Hols!

As part of the deal we booked at the hotel via KGB we had a three course meal including a bottle of wine---we had a set menu or could pay an extra £6.60 each and upgrade to the hotels best menu --so we did that!
my Chilli prawns were to die for.....
The waitress then bought out some special 'bibs' as we had ordered the Hot Stone special and she explained we may need them to protect our clothes.....
our rib eye steaks were delivered to the table on a hot stone,,,sizzling merrily away,,the heat was amazing -and the steak was cooked in no time at all..we added the tomatoes and the chips onto the stone after as well!
Bill waiting to turn it over..
it took no time to cook the steak...
Bill demonstrating the need for the bib LOL...good job he had it on--would have spoiled his shirt!
If you ever get chance to try a hot stone meal--go for it----one of the best steaks Ive ever had!
Henry is the resident doggie--he is a bit deaf bless him!
And the other resident is George the African grey--or Georgina as she is now called--we are pretty much 100% that George is a hen bird...after being able to compare our Jake to my daughters bird Pip who is a hen bird....she is only a baby at 19 months old--and learning to talk....we got chatting to her owners and gave them some advice on her diet as she has been on a bog standard sunflower seed diet that is very bad for hopefully she will be on a good complete diet with all the vitamins and minerals she need to be healthy was like being at home listening to her chatting away in the mornings while we had breakfast!

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