Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Pond

Bills been busy doing some alterations to the fish pond...the sun gets on it quite a lot of the day and was starting to turn the water green so we decided to put a roof on it to protect it from the sun,,,,after a few drawings he came up with something we both liked!
The reed roof works really well--lets enough light through but keeps the brightness off allowing us to see the fish much better!
It didnt take too long to do---next job is to move the filter box and get the underwater lights set up again...then the fairy lights in the roof ready for the late night BBQ's -cant wait to see it all finished now!
We had a visit from the little whirlwind--aka Ollie yesterday when he came with his mummy for thing we learnt is we need to be able to put up a net across the patio side of the pond when the little ones visit--Ollie soon lobbed his water bottle into the pond--followed closely by some mint from the garden! He would soon have been in the water as well if we hadnt been on hand to stop him! Not a very child friendly garden!
Ive been waiting for somewhere to put my lovely wooden turtle for ages--now he looks at home on the side of the pool! The new air stones we have fitted to the pond have made a huge difference, the ripples and bubbles in the water are so calming..we have decided that we are not going to have the water dropping into the pond making a noise when the filter box is moved, but will have the water diverted right into the water so it will be much quieter..
There was a beautiful rainbow last night  when we came back from the hospital!

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