Saturday, May 05, 2012

Emerald Woods Workshop

Deborah was with me for the third time---she has not tryed acrylics before and she loved them!
Rob was with me for the 2nd time...his painting took on a very ''enchanted woods'' feel very quickly....
Wendy has been to a water colour course before she found me--and didn't really learn anything from it.She was told to pick a photo and go and copy it--no tuition at at all..needless to say she found a huge difference in my class-where everything is explained and I also show students what NOT to do so I can show them how to correct it! Wendy was completely shocked at how quickly and easily her painting took shape.
Alan and his wife Evelyn were given gift vouchers for Christmas and were really unable to visualise just how they would be able to produce paintings in such a short time....but both settled down quickly and both seemed to find the process quite easy..they decided to leave Alan's painting monochrome and Evelyn's painting was to have some colour.....
Evelyn adding some detail with her sponge...
We met Fay and her hubby at Welland Show last year. Fay bought a monochrome painting from me for her hubby's Christmas pressie while we were never fails to amaze me just how far folk will travel to a workshop--Fay and her hubby came nearly 100 miles to the workshop today,,.and I think it may be the start of an addiction for Fay--she loved every minute of it and wants to come again!  Fay wanted to use some autumn colours in her painting so she used orange , yellow and green,,,,,Wendy fancied some of the same while Deborah,Evelyn  and Rob added a touch of blue to the sky..its one of those paintings that you can do in almost any colour combination and it will work!
Lovely results from everyone--what a lovely bunch of people they were too...we had lots of fun and laughs along the way!

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