Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Holidays -part 2

On our way to the second part of our holiday in Llamberis we had every type of weather you could imagine! Gales,snow,hail,and sunshine...we were glad to arrive at the hotel!
but I still got Bill to stop the car so I could get some snaps...
Bill relaxing in our lovely room at the Padarn Hotel....
couldn't see much of the view when we arrived
but when the rain stopped it was lovely!
We went to the Llamberis Slate mines--its free to go in and very interesting--
as well as the mines there are some cottages that were moved there stone by stone,,,and done up in different era's.....
all very interesting, they have all the sounds and smells in the cottages and it really brings back memories of my nans house when I was a child.
The sixties house was brilliant---
reminded me of my mums bedroom when I was a child
A lovely demo in splitting slate--he made it look easy!
wow--what a lovely slate fan----
the cottages at the mines..
Lots to see in the sheds---
Love the old windows..
some birches to take to workshops,I like folk to have some examples of the real thing..
Bill meets Polly-the resident doggie at the craft centre next to the mines..
The goats are across the road from the centre
We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw these two idiots rock climbing with no helmets or shirts on their backs and arms..the guy in the red slipped a few times and his language was vile as it echoed around the hills!
they are around half way up the rock face---long way to fall!
the view was just beautiful when the rain stopped...
the lovely dining room at the hotel..
we stopped on the way home to get some snaps of this waterfall--how beautiful!

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