Monday, May 14, 2012

Poppy Fields Workshop May 12th

We had a lovely group in on Saturday for the oil workshop 'Poppy Fields'  Liz came for the first time with Derek her hubby who was with me for the 4th time,,she seemed to find the instructions easy to follow and used her bashing and tickling brushes with ease!
Derek doing a bit of bashing and tickling in his sky!
Suzi is a little nervous of using much colour , and added the blue little by little..much better than adding too much too quickly and then trying to take it off!
Patsy came along with her friend Cynthia who received her artist brooch for coming to 6 workshops....Patsy hadn't painted since being at school but she followed my directions and made a beautiful job of her painting..
Deborah was back for the 3rd time...
Cynthia adding her grasses...
Alison came from Stratford Upon Avon along with her friend Shirley and stayed overnight--neither had painted before  and were a bit nervous , but they soon settled down to painting and they soon relaxed.
Shirley putting in the first lot of grasses, this painting is quite a good one to start with as its very forgiving if you make a mistake--its easy to change the colours and we get good results very quickly which gives a lot of confidence to the artists..
Watching me explain the next step....I explain each step of the painting..and also show you what NOT to do so I can show you how to put it correct if you do make a mistake...
hard at work...
this painting doesn't really come to life until the poppies start to go we have Sarah adding her poppies--she had them quite bold and a lovely shape, they stood out against her delicate background a treat...
Deborah's poppies going in..
Patsy getting down to signing her painting, often the hardest part of the whole workshop..
Liz,Alison ,Cynthia and Shirley
Patsy, Deborah,Sarah,Derek,and Suzi
Suzi's painting was a bit different as she chose to use purple for her poppies so it ties in with her last painting "Reeds In The Breeze" which also had purple ones in...
what beautiful results, I'm looking forward to meeting them all again soon too!

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