Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bluebell Woods and Other Things!

I had to go to Hereford hospital today for a MRI scan on my head to see if there is an underlying reason for the tinnitus Ive had since last September..ironically the past 2 weeks its been much better for the first time....but that doesn't mean that its gone/going away as its happened before..the scan itself was pretty horrible...30 mins in the scanner with my head fixed into a cage to stop any movement...the noise in there is horrendous but its got to be done! I'm still convinced that it was one of the drugs prescribed by the Dr last Sept, but we will see what the scan says...On the way back  from the hospital me and my daughter Becki stopped by Queenswood Country park to see the bluebells again.They are open properly now and are a real treat to see....
Becki baby is due in 2 weeks time but her bump had dropped noticeably this morning so maybe we will see the new baby before then...
My bathroom smells beautiful....mum has had some beautiful matinee coats knitted for the new baby, so I have rinsed them out in Comfort Pure ready for the new pink or blue coats as they haven't found out what sex it is.....they will find out when its born....I cant wait !        Im going to be with Becki when the baby is born  along with her partner Wayne and I'm looking forward to it so much...and also looking forward to buying pink or blue baby clothes too-much as I love white,lemon and pale green on little ones!

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