Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birch Tree Class July 31st

What a great class we had today--one extra than we expected (the secretary had forgotten to put Pat in the book!)
Elaine and Gary attended their 6th class and received their artist brooch and artist keyring.
Jenny was with me for the 2nd time and everyone else were all newbies!
We had met Karen last weekend at Welland show when she and her hubby bought the 2 "Yesterday" paintings. She wanted to 'loosen' up with her painting and not be bothered by doing too much intricate details--and that is what she found in the workshop today!
Irene stayed overnight last night as she lives some distance away--she had been told at school by her art teacher that she was 'useless' and had carried that all her life.So she was chuffed to bits with her results in class--
we met Sally and Jenny on the market last Wednesday--poor Sally was suffering from concussion after a fall last weekend-and was pretty tired by the end of the session.
But their results were lovely and they really enjoyed it.
Pauline had been recommended to the classes by Adam--and Im sure she will be showing him her lovely painting at work on Monday!
Almost everyone was taking photos of each stage of the painting as we went along--it helps them to remember how they did the painting and also they can prove to their friends that they really did paint the picture!
We had some lovely results-there were a few bits that would be changed next time round-but as I explained to everyone--each painting is a learning curve and there is always somethings that we would do different next time--
but everyone was chuffed with their results and want to come back!
Everyone has gone away with bottles of acrylic varnish to finish off their paintings tomorrow-2 coats with 24 hours in between will make a huge difference to the colour and also protect the paintings as well.

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