Saturday, July 10, 2010

Todays Class--Poppy Field

I had a cancellation yesterday for the class taking us down to 9-then as we were about to leave for class this morning I had a call from Lyn who had seen us a couple of weeks ago on the market--she wanted to know if I could fit her and Pete in the class today--they live just over an hour away-and fair enough they made it on time! Neither had ever painted before- and they both suprised themselves with the results!
Neil had seen my work in the shop and contacted me--he made a smashing job of his poppies--using violet instead of the usual reds which worked well.
Heather had never had a go before and painted with ease.
Elizabeth and her hubby Alan made beautiful jobs of their paintings--Alan was quite suprised with what he did--he used his inititive and added some blue flowers to the corner of his painting!
We met the other Alan on the market a couple of weeks ago, and we have been booked up to go to his art group and di a demo in November--he really enjoyed his workshop today-and painted easily-a very subtle result-and he knew when to stop-something that can be hard to do sometimes!
Elaine traveled quite a long way from Wales and arrived earlier than expected-she was a great help-she helped us to unload the van and put the kettle on and made drinks for everyone as they arrived.
She was pleasently suprised with how easy it was and how quickly she had created her masterpiece.
Karen and Jan have been quite a few times before and Gill just twice before-so we had a wide variety of abilities today-and lovely results from everyone.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again -some sooner than others!

It was a lovely day for all concerned--I felt almost 100% and as I am minus a few stitches that have come out, I hardly noticed my op wound at all!

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