Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tommy's Painting

I had the pleasure of another painting class with Tommy today.
Tommy is quite disabled due to an accident in the army many years ago.
His co-ordination isnt very good and he also suffers from double vision.
So its quite an achievment to produce paintings as good as he does during class.
I have to remind him of which way the brush strokes should be horizontal or vertical as his short term memory isnt good sometimes.
But he gets a great painting done in the end!
He has all the paint to carry on at home and wife Margret who stays with him for his lesson helps him to get it done at home.
He likes to work with acrylic rather than oils and its easier for Margret to clean up after as well.
Im going to work on some new acrylic paintings that will be suitable for Tommy to do in the future--

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