Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birch Trees Sold

I had a call from Barbra who owns the shop I had my paintings in for a couple of months to say someone wanted to buy a couple of paintings.
She gave me the phone number of the lady and I rang her to arrange delivery.
pauline was happy to come over the next day to collect them-when she arrived with her hubby she told us the epic story of it!
She spotted the paintings when in Ludlow for the day a couple of weeks ago, she wrote my number down so she could ring me.
She got home , was rushed into hospital and had lost my nunber when she came out.
So she rang the Ludlow Information Centre and described to them where the 'gallery' was and someone went through town to it only to find it shut! I had removed my work so the new tenants could start getting it ready.
However the estate agents bard was still in the window so she gave the phone number of them to the lady, who rang them and left the message she weanted to buy!
The estate agents rang Barbra, who in turn rang me!
Anyway Pauine and her hubby made a 3 hour each way journey to collect the paintings yesterday!

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