Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Pucking Fuzzled"

This is the latest in my "manic " series.
The title was suggested by the guy who commissioned the painting,he thought the whole series of painting titles was hilarious (Mucking Fuddled/Get A Wobble On -etc )and came up with "Pucking Fuzzled" for his painting.

I encourage people to think of a personal title for the painting when they have commissioned it--it adds a personal touch when the painting is for a present.
The title of the last "summer day" commission includes the name of the puppy owned by the gentleman who the painting is for.

I have had a very enjoyeable day doing the Pucking Fuzzled pic-starting early this morning -having a break in between and finishing it off this afternoon/evening.I love watching these paintings evolve-each layer adds character to it.I havent used much of the vibrant green in this painting because the commissioner wasnt keen on it.

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Trine said...

I totally love each and every one of your manic series. LOl I wonder what that says about me.