Saturday, February 09, 2008

Todays Class

We had a great day today. It was held at a new venue in Telford.--thank you Sharleen and Dennis .
We were able to have all the brush strokes projected onto a big screen for everyone to see as they were being done.
We had some very nervous 1st timers with us today! Amanda, Michelle and Sue had never painted before and were quite frankly scared to death!!
All were convinced they wouldnt be able to do it, so the big white canvas was very nerve racking for them all!!
As soon as we started putting the black paint onto the canvas they all started to settle down, and they all did some beautiful paintings.
I had told everyone that they could go back to being a child again when painting this painting--we started off with natural sponges and ended up splattering paint at the canvas--all of which has everyone laughing.
To the do the detail at the end of the foxgloves we used encaustic wax and a special heated pen-something no-one has ever experienced before--everyone agreed it was the mosy marvelous tool, and everyone was amazed at the difference it made to their painting!
I recieved a call tonight from Michelle who wanted to book another 3 classes. She said her son and daughter didnt belive that she had painted the picture when she had taken it home!!
It is such an ego boost for people when they take their paintings home and they get comments like that!!! I am sure they all got the same reaction when they took them home!
I think Amanda is the furthest travelled student I have have had--she lives in St Lucia--lucky thing--but she is coming again to the Stormy Skies class.
The classes are getting booked up very quickly,so if there is a painting you want to paint---- please book it sooner rather than later,as the places go very quickly,having a max of just 7 students in a class .

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