Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oliver's Birthday Party

We had a lovely time today at Olivers birthday party.
We met Oliver a while ago at one of the craft fairs here in Ludlow. He came along to the first oil painting class of the year and is booked in to do the "African Dream" one on March 8th.
All six of the children had great fun using the encaustic irons,wax, and special tools. Their imagination ran riot with all sorts of wonderful things being spotted in the finished pictures.We had polar bears, foxes,dogs, people, fishes--you name it we had it!!
Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and apart from Oliver who had one go at it previously at the craft fair-no one had come accross this unusual way of creating art before!
Oliver was very pleased with his birthday present of a frame big enough to put his big picture into that he created today!

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