Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Commission

I recived an email late last night from Bet who wants to commission a Summer Day painting.
She has told me that it is her first time of commissioning a painting, so I have explained to Bet how I work.
I photograph and email each stage of the painting to the client for approval, before going onto the next stage-this way the client is in complete control of the finished picture, Ican add or take away anything they dont like or want in the painting.

She particualy like the 9th version of it that has already been sold, so I set to work tonight, feeling very energetic after todays great Reiki session.
I have done a lot of the background stuff.Lots of building up in the sky and the sea.
I have put several layers of clouds into it, each layer fluffed up and blended so there are no hard edges.
Next came the sea, using both a beautiful seagreen and the same blue as in the sky, again building up the layers of colour until Im happy with it.
The first layer of sandy beach colours were applyed before putting my brushes into a plastic bag and wrapped up tightly ready for tomorrows session.
I dont bother to clean my brushes when Im going to be using them the next day-as long as they are wrapped up they will be fine and they wont dry out and spoil.
It has been known for them to be in a bag for 3 or 4 days after a class--when Ive been busy and forgotten about them!!! They have always been ok!!

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