Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is my latest painting "Aura"
I painted this aura after watching my friend Jan who practises Reiki ,working on another of my friends and giving her reiki healing.
I have always been able to tune in and see someones aura, but have not done anything with it until now.I feel the time is right for me to develop this and do something positive with it.While I have always been able to see auras, I havent known what the colours mean, so I am learning very quickly to 'read' the colours.

Calming and Healing, the green represents the healing power.The green glow around the 2 of them while the healing was going on was so bright and vibrant.
The yellow is the colour of inspiration and creativity, and also means easy going.
Violet is funnily enough connected with psychic power and of attunement with self.It also represents the nervous system.
The orange can be from experiencing stress.
The orange /yellow is a perfectionist.
The blue is very apt- it relates to the thyroid , also shows a caring , loving person, who loves to help others, sensitive and intuitive,
This painting will be relaxing to have in a room where you chill out,it is painted in oil onto box canvas which is 16in x 20in.

It will be ready to post in around 3 weeks time. and the cost is £140 including P+P in uk.
If you are outside UK please get in touch.

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Trine said...

wow, lovely painting. This exploration of yours probably will bring you so far also when painting because it will allow you to see more and thus paint more into each painting. I can't wait to see how this will develope in 2008