Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

Its lovely to go out into the garden and pick fresh fruit and veg...they taste so much better than shop bought--and we know there are no horrible sprays been near them as well....The blackberries are ripening quickly now..and the apples-what few there are -cookers and eating-- will be ready soon. Apple and blackberry crumble is springing to mind--is there a Slimming World recipe I wonder?
Didn't have much of a crop of tomatoes this year--the wet weather earlier on spoiled them...but the new 'yellow stuffers' are looking good. Never tried these before..and there was a nice lot of 'sungold' mini tomatoes as well.
I have never tryed the 'yellow stuffers' before so it was a bit of an experiment really...I used the tiniest of the sungold tomatoes and some of our favourite ''Low Low'' cheese spread ,with  a sprinkle of rainbow pepper and garlic flakes to fill them with before putting them into a hottish oven
Bill spatcocks and skins a chicken several times a week, then I cover it in dried onion or garlic and some paprika and dry roast until cooked.Its delish..and the dry onion etc forms a skin so it doesn't feel as if you are missing out -if like me you cant resist the skin off a roast chicken! And Its all free on SW much as you like as often as you like...
with a huge salad and a jacket spud-topped with more Low Low cheese spread it was to die for...and we were both too stuffed to eat pudding......

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