Thursday, September 13, 2012

Break Away

After a busy workshop on Saturday it was lovely for us to be able to get away from it all on Sunday with a trip to Derby...we had a great deal from Groupon at the Smart Aston Hotel which is near enough in the centre of Derby.We had a lovely room at the back of the hotel..with a huge bed and what looked like a new bathroom.
The TV was one of the biggest we have had in a hotel room which was great--but the gap under the door made us laugh--it was big enough for the paper to be shoved under in the mornings lol...
We chose not to eat at the hotel in the evenings--when we heard there was a Harvester just across the way we decided to use that as its much cheaper! We both love the salad bars they have there..and all the meals are calorie counted and shown on the menus which is helpful
this may be the reason I gained 1lb this week though! I didn't eat the chips but we did consume quite a lot of wine!
This was the view from the landing outside our room...the hotel is very well kept, loved the staircase! The time went sooo fast there...after we left the hotel on Tuesday we went on to see where the room is that we are going to be using to do the Birthday Workshop on Nov 10th...and then on to see where the Premier Inn is from there-so we could time the journey...then on back to Cannock as we will be stopping off there on the way home so we can go to the huge Featherstone car boot sale on the Sunday---so we know where we are going and when really looking forward to it--roll on Nov!

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