Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tommy's Christening Sept 16th

Poor little Tommy had to be woken up when he got to the church....
proud Mummy and Daddy outside the church
getting everyone organised around the font!
Anne Barge the vicar taking the service always involves the children ..
she certainly knew she had Tommy in her arms..

Shell, Graham, Kirsty, Nicky and Richard--all of the godparents.
He looked lovely in his suit...proper bobby dazzler bless him....he was good as gold-as usual.
beautiful cake...
my beautiful niece Nat and  Mum holding Tommy
he went back to sleep after being changed out of his suit...
My lovely nephew Charlie --he is very good with little Tommy-loves him to bits !
love this pic of Nat
With Uncle Rich who is also his godfather
always laughing--never known such a happy baby..
with Nicky-one of his 3 godmothers!
well my hair started off down but ended up being put up before the day was out......we all had as lovely day.. and it was over too quickly...

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