Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little Tommy--3 months

Me and my sister Sharon went babysitting for our little Tommy on Saturday night---he was as good as gold bless him..sat in his bouncy chair laughing away for ages! He is such a contented baby-always happy and smiling.
He is always ready for his bottle as well----here he is after finishing it off---he is full as a tick!   After having his bum changed he was off to bed upstairs by 9pm--and he slept through to 8.30am again...he has got into a great routine lately and is sleeping all night for his mummy and daddy--that's really good for 12 weeks!      He is growing up so quickly--he has noticed the TV now and will stretch his head round to see it!        He is also fascinated by their clock on the wall--he sits and laughs at it--if hes crying Becki just lifts him so he can see the clock and he stops instantly and starts laughing at it---I wonder what he thinks it is?

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