Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Onslow Park Steam Rally

We are busy getting ready for this weekends big show at Onslow Park Steam Rally,,I have got some new paintings done to take with us---the one above has been created using melted wax and looks like  squid...I had great fun creating it....and also the one below which also looks like a squid....
The latest Birches painting...using a new colour scheme....doesn't show up well in the photo but its a soft sage green and cream... just a few of the 40 odd paintings I will have on display at the show. We will be taking the caravan to the show and going on Saturday to set up ready for the show on Sunday and Monday. Jeannie is coming too house-sit and look after Paddy and the fish-inside and out.There will be lots going on there-am looking forward to Saturday night when they have bands in the beer marquee--great fun,,and also tractor pulling going on till all hours! We will be taking the Pimms with us as well as a bottle or 3 of lovely white wine to enjoy during our stay...and there are some sirloin steaks with all the trimmings to take along as well....I'm hoping not to do too much damage to my diet while I'm away,....but having lost 19lb altogether from my heaviest weight I'm not going to worry too much about stepping off the wagon for a couple of days! Back to it on Tuesday like a good girl!

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