Monday, August 13, 2012


Well I lost another 2 1/2lb last week at Slimming World..making 9 1/2lb off in just 3 weeks...I was also Slimmer Of The Week again and came away with another big bag of fruit for that! I'm finding it very easy at the moment--I'm still having a glass of wine or 2 in the evening and eating huge meals 3 times a day!
We were on the market yesterday and one of my favourite meals we have when down there is a lovely jumbo prawn cocktail...I make it up fresh before we set off in the morning. 
We followed it up with a huge bowl of this lifesaver---no sugar jelly mixed with low fat yogurt-and poured over fresh strawberries and grapes and allowed to set in the fridge..Its to die for..feels really naughty when you eat it,,,,top it with some fat free Total which is just like double/clotted cream and its even better!

Today Ive made some quiches--a corned beef one and a bacon one....couldnt wait for it to cool down,,,and it tatses lovely...will be having some more for dinner with salad and jacket spud!

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