Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tommy 15 Days + Market

Our little Tommy is such a good baby--cant believe he is 15 days old already...and still being as good as gold for his mummy and daddy bless him.. they bought him down to the market today so I could take him round to all our friends who trade there... everyone loved him!

I had a great day on the market today--it stayed dry and there was no wind knocking the paintings around! I managed to get a 20in x 16in Frosty Nights painting done while I was there ready fro next weeks workshop..I've got 7 in so far for it with another possible going to book.Its a new subject and should be an interesting one to do!
Sold the Silver Birches painting today at the market....
We set up the stall a bit different when there is a chance of rain, makes it quicker to pack up when it rains, and we get almost as much stuff out on show as well.

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