Sunday, June 10, 2012

Over 50's Club

I was doing a demo at the Ludlow Over 50's club on Friday afternoon.It made a change to see so many faces I reconised instead of a room full of strangers! We took Mum along with us as she has never seen me paint in the 10 years I have been putting a brush to canvas! There was a great turn out there..everyone loved the demo--again I was told they had never known the group to be so quiet as when the paintings were being done!.I had both paintings finished within the hour, although I seemed to do a lot of talking as well as painting..lots of 'oooh's'' and 'aaaahhh's'' as each stage of the painting was done, and even more when each painting was passed round and people could see the detail that had been put into them so easily...
Lucky winners of the raffle

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