Saturday, June 16, 2012

50 Shades Of Grey Workshop June 16th

Well a new subject for today 50 Shades Of Grey is an apt name for this one as there was every shade of Grey you could imagine in each painting...We had a mix of new students and some who had been loads of times so a good interesting mix! Judy -above was a first timer..she made a beautiful job of her painting-it was quite subtle and soft..
Tony came along and bought along his daughter Carol who has been 3 times before and his sister Jan who was painting for the first time--I think all the first timers were really nervous-as is completely normal when trying anything new.. but they all settled down to it really quickly and the nerves vanished..
Bev felt she was out of practise a little today--its been a while since she has been to a class...she found the blending quite hard to do,,,but made a cracking job of it in the end...really atmospheric!
Doreen always comes along with |Bev-- Doreen tends to over blend if anything but the acrylic is very forgiving and she was able to go back over and add some  more shading to the places she had over done slightly..
Sometimes things happen by accident--and it was a happy accident for Tony and Maureen---they had lovely hills appear in the background without trying--Tony's painting is above-he could have a sit down while waiting for the others to catch up and stick their hills in!
Maureen's painting above-looking wonderful already--great hills without trying!
We used a variety of metallic paints to add sparkle and colour to the paintings--here you can see Doreen's,,,the blue and violet looks very nice..
Keith was another first time student--he soon got used to the strokes he needed to do and quickly had a dramatic painting happening...his background hills happened by accident too and just needed the edges tidying up to look perfect!
Maureen goes home after most workshops and paints the subject again in different colours--she shows us on her camera what she has done since the last time--she is a very competent artist now..
sometimes we get strange , funny things appear in the paint--and in Judy's today we spotted several--the best being ET complete with his bike in the centre of this piece of her picture--behind there seems to be somebody on a donkey--but no doubt some of you will see other things as well..the last time I put something like this on Facebook there were all sorts of  things being spotted in there--!
Carol's painting turned out quite dramatic....its still at the calm stage here..
Jan settled down to her painting really quickly---you would never have known it was her first time
The metallic paint used in the foreground does not show up well in the photos--neither does the beautiful red poppies added to Jan and Carol's really set the pictures off!
Maureen was the only one brave enough to add a tree---but Maureen is a bit of an expert when it comes to trees...
shame this one came out a bit blurred!

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