Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serenity Workshop June 9th

Only 4 in for the Serenity workshop--had to move it to yesterday after having to cancel the last one because of baby Tommy arriving! So it wasn't worth hiring the room at St Peters...the others that were due in the original workshop are coming in Sept.. Maureen is one of my regular students,
Tony has been to quite a few workshops,  he had a break of a year and is now back and and ready to learn more!
Tracey came along with her Mum-also Maureen--both first timers--
Maureen -she followed my instructions easily and her painting soon developed ..
Everyone is always amazed at how different every ones painting turns out-right from the start,,they are individual as the people painting them..
Tracey's trees coming on lovely here..
Looking good Maureen..
Nearly finished Tony!
all hard at it!
Lovely results everyone...see you all again soon!

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