Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birch Tree Workshop

We had an early start yesterday to go to Llanidloes to do the Birches workshop--Elaine had organised it for me and sorted out the room..the light was good there and there was plenty of room for all of us..
most of the folk were first timers...and nervous as is usual! However the nerves soon went when we started to paint...
Karen had made the journey from Bishops Castle and chose to do her painting in shocking pink,purple and silver..a combination that worked well--and it took on a lovely fantasy feeling to it....its being hung in Karens conservatory which has a pink theme...
This was Joy's second painting wouldn't believe it to see her end result---she was joined by her hubby John who painted for the first time..
John was very confident with his brush...his monochrome colours made his painting come to life very quickly
Elaine organised the workshop for me...and she wasn't feeling 100% bless her...but it didn't stop her creating this lovely work of art...
Tracey earned herself a nickname yesterday----Bull At A Gate....we were all creased at her --there was no stopping her when she was in front of her canvas...she found it hard to be slow and controlled at times when painting the trees etc.but she turned out to be  a champion splatter er....being a bull at a gate doing that turned into the right thing to do!
The whole class erupted into hysterical laughter at one point when I started telling someone to do the splattering "harder ,harder, faster , faster--that's it--it coming now" Rita had tears in her eyes from laughing so much--and we couldn't look at one another without starting to giggle again.....but you have to do the splattering hard or it just doesn't work!
getting the splattering done..
Catherine has just started using acrylics and said she had picked up some great tips in the class..
Rita was great fun and we had lots of laughs with her...she surprised herself with her results..
Christine has made the journey over to Ludlow before and was very happy that we went to Llanni to do the workshops there..
Mary hadn't painted before,,and seemed to find it quite easy--she was quick to make decisions about where to put trees in her painting
Di made a beautiful job of her painting--only her 2nd one ever....
brilliant paintings everyone..well done
Catherine had to leave a little early so isn't in the final line up..
lovely everyone----Johns trying to hide behind his painting
well done everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for super day Diane and Bill, my painting is in the dining area and John's in the conservatory. Both have had lots of complements, and we are hoping to get our friends to join us one of these classes! Now all I want is a Spring theme beech trees for the dining area too. Hope to see you again soon. Joy