Saturday, November 19, 2011

Llanidloes Workshop -Nov 19th

We had an early start again to go to Llandiloes this morning...and what a beautiful sunrise we watched!
Laura has painted before but never with oils using my method.....she seemed to find it easy!
Elaine was painting her 5th painting,,,,,so an artist brooch for her next time..
Brenda has never painted before--and was quite convinced she would never be able to paint in a million years...well she was soon proved wrong!
Pauline is a member of the local art club but had never tryed oils before--she loved it, and made a lovely job of her soft teal coloured seascape...
Vera has also painted before but never with oils,,,,I think I have converted a few more water colourists again!

There was a huge range of colour choices in todays subject--and Christine chose to use the greys,,she had a really stormy sky going on very quickly!
Barbra was completely convinced she couldn't paint a straight line....well she had to in order to put in the horizon line! But she managed that OK and even mastered the knife quickly as well..
Rita had a really lovely sky going on quickly...everyone was surprised at the fact there was no smell to the paint or the turps we some of them had seen people using 'normal' paint and turps and the smell was very strong...none of that in my workshops though!
Pauline has also painted before--but will be a convert to oils----
we had everything from dramatic to tranquil in today's workshop....
hard to believe that some of these paintings are by first timers..
lovely paintings--and we all had a lovely day...
and we were treated to a lovely sunset on the way home as well to round off the day!

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