Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bits and Pieces...

It was a cold day to start with on the market today, a couple of the stall holders hadn't come so we were able to spread out onto the next stall...the racks of plants at the back provided a lot of shelter against the wind and rain!
with the plastic sheet up in between the stall as usual it meant I could put my smaller paintings out on display without them getting wet..
We needed 4 lights up today for the first made it nice and bright inside the stall and also made it nice and warm as well!
We have a friend on the next stall called Dave Bytheway who does chainsaw carvings....we always love to see what new carvings come off his van each it was this lovely life size badger...what a beauty.
Dave carves all manner of creatures...owls,hawks and hares among them, I love the toadstools as well...
wonderful stuff..
there isn't one of them I wouldn't like to take home!
This fox was new last week...its life size.
Ive been doing some more to this painting that's been hidden away in the depths of the garage storage! Ive got paintings everywhere and forget what I've got where til we have a sort out and find them again! So I added some more wax detail to this one and Bills mounted the 4 canvas onto a board to make them easier to hang on the stands!
part of the paint detail
some wax  detail--very touchy feely!
Well much as I love Christmas I think its far to early to put up the towns Christmas tree...blimey its only the 9th of November!
I was contacted by a lady via  Affordable British Art at the weekend--she wanted a larger version of one of my paintings on there "Serenity ll"  After agreeing  a price I have got on and done it for her---its seen here on the left of the original one...its as near as dammit! Just got a few more grasses and poppies to add.. in a few days time when its dried off a bit..the new big one is 50cm x 70cm .. a pressie for her hubby for Christmas..hope he likes it as much as Dorothy does!
When I was painting on the market today a couple came by and wanted  a small painting like the one below...however I had sold out of all those colours so offered to do one for them to take away wet...they jumped at the chance! So I quickly got my brushes out and painted a smaller version of it 10in x 12in--the original is 16in x 20in--they were chuffed to bits with it when they came back for it! I have got to get busy this week and get some more small paintings done ready for the Xmas rush..I bought 60 small canvas fairly locally last week and have another 100 on order for a couple of weeks time so that will keep me out of mischief for  a while!

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