Monday, April 25, 2016

Winter Wonderland Workshop

It was lovely to see Zac and his Dad again after a few years--Zac has grown up so much since we saw him last! He enjoyed using the different brushes and techniques and had a lovely atmospheric painting quite quickly!

Jon (above) and Carol (below) were in the area on holiday from London... both were first time students, and were soon at ease with the materials and both seemed to find it quite easy!

Carol managed to make her pond look really deep...

Richard went for more purple shades in his painting, but its not showing much in the photo for some reason!

2nd time with me for Caroline, she bought along her hubby Arthur

Arthur is adding the final details here,

The students have the option right at the end to add a touch of glitter to the painting,,, its a very subtle glitter that just gives the effect of frost, Zac added some to the snow and then just a touch to his moon...

I love how he put the moon peeping out from behind the clouds..

Lovely results everyone!

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