Monday, April 04, 2016

Latest Commission

One of the reasons I'm behind with my blog is the latest commission I have been working on...its a big one!                       2 Canvas each 40in x 12in to hang above each other on the wall.. What the camera does not pick up is the soft metallic gold paint I have used on the birch trees.                                                                                                                             The light catches it beautifully.. Nicki who commissioned it also asked me to include some foxgloves--which again do not show up in the photo... but do look very effective in 'real life' ..As I usually do with a commission I had been sending Nicki photos of each stage so she could tell me if she liked it or wanted anything changing..                                                          When it was finished Bill gave the artwork 3 coats of varnish to protect it and it was ready to deliver to Nicki..... now as you know we have had some awful experiences with couriers-with canvas and paint arriving here damaged, so Bill said ''we will deliver them to Nicki and you will know they have arrived safely with no damage to them.''.               So today we had a 180 mile round trip to Macclesfield  to personally deliver them!     It was worth it to see her happy face when she saw them for the first time in the flesh!        Plus we got to have a lovely steak at the pub over the road and a mooch around Newcastle Under Lyme on the way home! Nicki said she will send me a photo of them in situ in her living room so will look forward to receiving that!

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