Monday, April 11, 2016

Grasses Workshop April 9th

Ken came along for the first time to paint with Amanda who has been once before to paint Serenity a few weeks ago..there were a few nerves to start with-that is completely normal! Ken soon got the hang of blending the paints, and had a lovely atmospheric sky pretty quickly..

Amanda achieved the most subtle results , so soft-and quite hard to do I find myself when using acrylics!

Janet has painted before and seemed to find the acrylic paint quite easy to handle..

Her friend Lindsey has only done a little painting before but again seemed to find the process quite easy too.

First time painting for poppies for her as they wouldn't match the room where she wants to hang it,,instead she painted lots of lovely daisies--very pretty!

Jenny painted Cats In Trees a while back with me the first time, and this time around wanted to add some flowers to her painting that would match her bed linen , she bought along a pillow case so she could copy some onto her painting...they turned out very good too!

Some very happy artists!

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