Monday, April 11, 2016

April 2nd Workshop ''Summer Day''

Now and again we get a request to travel to a new venue to do a workshop-so when Lorna who had been to a workshop in Ludlow once before , asked us if we would travel to Michaelchurch to do a workshop for her family and friends , we said yes of course! She organised a room for us and we set off at 8am on or two of them have been to me in Ludlow before... I gave them the choice of using the usual Summer Day colours or using the Monochrome version..

John has only used watercolours before...but loved the way the oils moved around ..

Gemma also chose the monochrome shades..first time painting for her too...

Everyone was amazed at how quickly the painting came together,,,,

lots of lovely texture in the waves..

''I know I won't be able to paint''she said..... how wrong was she then!

Julie had to go into work at last minute and didn't get to the class until we had all stopped for dinner at 12.30pm.... but I went through the painting again for her step by step and to every ones amazement she caught up with the others in just 30 mins.. she now has the nickname-" Catch-up" ..

Lovely subtle tones here...

Adding the poppies is the easiest bit of this painting...

Lorna organised the workshop, and was painting for the second time with me!

nearly finished!

Well done everyone... wonderful paintings from you all-- will look forward to seeing you all again in the future!

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