Thursday, August 27, 2015

Birch Tree Workshop

We had a brilliant time last Saturday painting the Birches..12 lovely ladies and 9 year old George!

First time for Charlotte and 9 year old George-- they came along with Sarah who has been quite a few times now--Charlotte is Sarah's sister and George is their nephew. Both did really well with the painting , and  George was also great help to me and Bill, taking out the brushes, kitchen towel etc and generally being a good boy! Lovely bright,vibrant colours from George, while Charlotte chose the soft sage green and cream---a lovely restful combination..They all had a lovely time and were very pleased with what they achieved in the workshop..

Chris and Pat have also been quite a few times before and have done different sizes and colours this time--- there is so much choice in this subject--there is something to suit everyone! Chris used silver paint on her trees, which catches the light beautifully but does not show up in the photos!

Pauline ,Annette and Cathy have all been before--wonderful results from them all...

Liz and Margaret have been once before but did oils last time...both loved the acrylics and used them well to create these monochrome paintings!

Teresa, Caroline and Caron with their beautiful results! First time for Caroline who couldn't believe how easy it was to do and has booked up to come and paint Serenity soon.. I love teaching this workshop--I can watch the confidence grow as we go through each small step..and the masterpiece happens before their very eyes...well done everyone and I will look forward to seeing you all again!

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