Thursday, August 20, 2015

Grasses Workshop

Only Judy on the left had painted before--and just once with me..everyone else were first timers... as to be expected there were quite a few nerves going on and pretty much everyone thought they wouldnt be able to do it!  This painting is one that does not quite come together until almost at the getting everyone convinced it will be fine can be quite demanding for me LOL...Vivien on the right is in England on holiday from New Zealand and she had a lovely photo on her phone of a sunset where she lived and asked if she could use those you can see it worked out beautifully,,We used a narrow edge canvas  that will fit in her suitcase to take back, and gave her plenty of bubblewrap to protect it...We added some diaisies as well as poppies . Kate who had also travelled a long way from Northamptonshire  to paint, used some of Viviens blue paint to add some poppies...They looked stunning--the colour worked very well.  All in all, some stunning results from everyone..I have in stock small bottles of varnish so students can add the finishing touch to their paintings after a couple of days.Im sure they will all get brilliant feedback when they got their paintings back home,,,and hopefully we will see them again in the future!

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