Sunday, September 06, 2015

Onslow Steam Rally 2015

I had a mad rush in the week before Onslow Steam Rally at Shrewsbury to get some small oil paintings done for my stalls...they did dry just in time thank goodness! Sold most of them!

We took the caravan up a few days before and got it all set up ready so we could have a more leisurely time when we arrived again on Saturday.. the new porch awning worked a treat--just big enough for a table, cool boxes and shoes etc..and much less trouble to put up than the full size one!

We got on pretty quick setting up the stall....

Waterproof dust sheets over everything and ready for the customers on Sunday and Monday!

The weather was beautiful all day Saturday and we were treated to this beautiful sunset on our way up to watch the band in the beer tent,,,,

There is so much to see and night!

the moon was beautiful on the way back from the beer tent--and what appears to be orbs are in the photos too...

as usual I didn't get to see any of the actual show, as I was kept busy with customers,,, but Bill did escape a few times to have a quick look around!

Well after the beautiful sunshine all day on the Sunday , we heard the rain beating down on the caravan roof during the night...not good! The site was soon nothing but mud and we thought it was going to be an awful day customer wise on the Monday--how wrong could we be? We took the exact same money on both days down to the £...

Poor Bunty got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out by Ros and Mark--thanks both xx

Just one of the beautiful views we had on the way home...Despite the rain on Monday we had a wonderful time--Ros Bishop is one of the best organisers there is..and we look forward to the show every seems a lifetime away again now but I'm sure it will be here in a flash! We are on Ludlow market every week on Wednesdays and some Sundays , the next big event for us will be the Ludlow Medieval Weekend when we will be on the be dressed up and on the market--will look forward to that !


Trine said...

Very impressed with that company car ;-). Very professional

Trine said...

Very impressed by that company car. Very professional