Thursday, August 20, 2015

50 Shades Of Green

Apologies for being so behind with my blog and website....had problems with my laptop and only got it back last night--so lots and lots of catching up to do for me!   It was lovely to see some old friends back to paint again in the workshop-- we had not seen Jackie, Karen or Derek for a while..50 Shades of Green is an interesting picture to paint.  It certainly got the imaginations going in everyone! Wendy was painting with me for the first time and it was interesting to see her own style develop very quickly--she liked twisting the brush as she bashed--and created her own unique type of bushes etc...and her path developed into a waterfall and stream.....Derek -bless him has been very poorly lately and I had him tired out before lunch....I think he did really well to get as much done as he did---but he went home with a palette of all the colours we used and he will finish it in his own time,,,I have lost my list of names again doh!!!  But Sam bought along 4 lovely girls who all did really well, and enjoyed themselves!

Wendy with her masterpiece...

Wonderful results--well done everyone!

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