Friday, August 01, 2014

Poppies and Daisies

What fun we had last Saturday painting Poppies in oils on a black canvas.Rosie and Karen had made the journey from Mansfield--Karen has been quite a few times before-and received her 'artist' brooch from me for attending at least 6 workshops! First time for Rosie--and she defiantly got the painting bug! Karen emailed me to say they have both been out and bought paint,canvas and brushes to carry on painting at home..

Adrienne was with me for the first time..lovely movement in the grasses..

I managed to catch the camera shy Karen! Love the picture!

Was so good to see our dear friend Irene again...its been far too long since she made the journey from Stoke On Trent to come and paint with us!

Sandra's first time--and what a lovely job she made of her picture..

Ann made the long journey from Bristol again--they really did come from far and wide to paint on Saturday!

I loved Jill's painting--it reminded me of peacocks feathers..

what beautiful results from them all..

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