Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Onslow Park Steam Rally

One of the best shows we do every year--in fact this year it was THE best! We have done Onslow Park team rally for the past 8 years--We always have a great space with plenty of room to display my art and demonstrate..We took the caravan up on the Thursday and parked her up, then packed the van and travelled up on Saturday. We set up the stands and tables on Sat afternoon and went back to the caravan after covering it all up with waterproof was especially good because the flare-up of the polymyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis that's has been a bit of a bugger for past few weeks has burned itself out and I was feeling bloody brilliant! No Pain and stiffness (well hardly any lol) I felt like a new woman...

After a drink or three we went for a walk round the grounds and funnily enough ended up at the beer tent where there was an Abba tribute band playing and boy were they good--after bopping and having a drink we moved on..

we ended up on the Waltzers -first time in about 20 years..then on another really fast ride----and then to Bills amazement--I said I wanted to go on the big wheel!  I conquered a big fear that night--yes it was scary but I did it and lived to tell the tale!

I got the stall set out just right, with all my little paintings etc..

Lots of interest in my button bouquets , orders for some too for next year..

Its amazing how much can be squeezed into the space..

The Birch Tree Walk went to live with a lovely young girl who fell in love with it--and fetched every member of her family to see it--

And the last Squirrels Eye View went to live with a lovely gentleman...must get cracking and get another version done now!

Bill was able to go out and have a look at what was going on outside--I managed a few trips to the loo and that was it--it was sooo busy!

Some beautiful engines...

Little shire foal flat out by his mummy--Bill watched them in the ring-mum is a beautiful dapple grey..

lots for everyone to see..

Dinner on Sunday evening-we were too knackered to cook-so ended up with low-fat cheese and low cal biscuits,chutney and home-grown tomatoes--and of course a lovely bottle of wine!

and the tea lights we took with us cast a lovely romantic glow after ;-) We want to thank Ros and co for the organisation of the show--wouldn't want the job for all the money in the world! We had so many laughs with everyone all weekend, am looking forward to next years already!

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