Monday, July 28, 2014

Poppies Workshop

Today's class subject "Poppies" gives a lot of scope to be very individual..painted using oils on a black canvas--you can be as bold or as subtle as you like! There is no right or wrong with it..Jill was painting with me for the 2nd time,I love her beautiful bold poppies! Today's students really did come from far and wide miles and miles were travelled to come and paint with..Jill was one of the most local ones along with Sandra!

Adrienne was painting with me for the first time--the poppies are coming along nicely here! Quite local--Kidderminster!

Ann has a 2 hour journey from Bristol to paint with me--love how she had the poppies disappearing into the distance-first time on a black canvas for her!

Sandra is another local lady--first time painting since school--she made a cracking job of her painting! Looking forward to seeing here again in class..

It was lovely to see Irene again after a break--she has been busy with work--but emailed to say she had to have another  ''painting fix'' as it had been too long! She has quite a journey from Newcastle Under Lyme so travels down the night before and stays at the local Travel lodge.

I managed to catch the camera shy Karen-who came down from Mansfield again--this time she bought along Rosie for the first time....looks like the daisies are going in here..

Rosie's first time painting--and she really enjoyed it-and what a great job she made of it too...
I should have got some close up photos at the end--but the time just went somehow--we had some wonderful extras added to all the paintings-as well as the poppies we had daisies and cornflowers as well as bees,dragonflies,butterflies-even a snail or two.. I think the highlight of the day was my Bill taking a call from someone called ''John'' who claimed to be from Microsoft and who said I had something wrong with my computer--it was quite funny because during lunch we had been laughing about taking calls from scammers-and some of the things we did when they rang--anyway Bill had him going for what seemed an age--we were all creased with laughter as Bill shook the swear box on the table and told 'John ' that the computer was now making a funny noise--then the screen went blank--funny enough 'John ' hung up the phone--maybe it was the sound of 8 ladies sniggering in the background that did it!

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