Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Festival At The Edge

We are back and unpacked from the wonderful Festival At The Edge at Much Wenlock..a lively, fun filled, boozy 3 day festival with some old friends and some lovely new friends we met there..

We arrived on Friday morning,and got the caravan,awning and gazebo set up eventually! It was a lovely hot day so we had taken along plenty of Pimms, lemonade, fruit, ice and mint to enjoy ..it did slow up the process of getting everything set up mind! But its a very chilled out festival and it didn't seem to matter as long as we got there eventually! There was loads going on the whole time we were there-storytelling, bands, food and drink.. a beautiful atmosphere!

The huge sail over the hard standing (The Village Green) had a hard time Friday night in the huge storm we had--and it collapsed--we did hear rumours that it was struck by lightening but am not sure if that's true or not to be honest--the storm was right above us-thunder and lightening at the same time,but wouldn't like to say if it was struck or not--or if it was just the weight of the rain that did it--such a shame though as we watched  them putting it up in all the heat.
We had the caravan awning and the gazebo set up to display my paintings--Bill rigged up a 'gutter' between the two using plastic tablecloths--and it worked a treat..nothing got wet at all despite the awful weather during Friday night!

We had a great display on..although I say it myself-paintings and button bouquets!

Bill taking a well earned rest on Friday evening..he did work hard bless him!

this was the view when we got up on Saturday..rain ,rain and more rain...

Smiling despite the rain..it was nice to catch up on some reading--

Maybe because I could smell these cooking! Slimming World sausage from local butchers--as the fridge didn't work again Bill had to cook them all--so we had some with tomatoes for breakfast and some for lunch--and lovely they were too! Thanks to Debbie and Mick for the loan of the frying pan--it was the only thing we forgot to take with us!

The rain did stop eventually on Saturday--and I asked my friend Deb from the stall next door if she wanted to do a painting--- we had both been having a drink since quite early on--though Deb had a bit of a head start on us lol..

We had quite a crowd around us at times--all laughing at at us laughing..

We managed not to dip the brushes in the drinks...

and ended up with some lovely Summer Day paintings--much to Debs surprise.She has never painted before--and the painting was bought out quite a few times for her to show everyone what she did! Quite an artistic pose Deb!

Enjoying the sunshine...and a voddi and tonic!!

Debs lovely hubby Mick on the left and my lovely friend Fleur on the right--

Mick just had to try the light up bunny ears off Fleur's stall...

Of course there was Morris dancers--and one of them came chatting after--I knew his voice--but just couldn't recognise him--until after he had left...then it came to me! He had been on a stall opposite us on the market for a while--but just didn't recognise him with a black face!

Fleur decided that the button buttonholes would look great on a hat as well as buttonholes---and she was right--

Bill modelling the hat!

Deb, Mick and Fleur---speak no evil,see no evil hear no evil LOL!  Looking forward to seeing Deb again on Wednesdays market--and Fleur soon...Loved every minute of the festival-and will be there again next year-- it did us both the world of good--no Telly at all, and no internet or phone to speak of while we were away..came back relaxed and chilled and ready to go again--a busy busy time ahead...tomorrow we are doing a 30th birthday party for Gemma at Clee Hill village hall..

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